Channel Bio-Sciences

BSL Facility

The design and delivery of advanced technology process facilities requires a project approach in which the process mission is central and pervasive. This is why CBS Consulting has made it a priority to develop team engineering expertise in the applied process technologies that are essential for the success of these facilities. CBS leverages in-house process knowledge and experience to efficiently identify key user requirements and prioritize design tasks. This allows fast-track execution of tech-heavy projects.

Some of facilities require more careful planning in designing the BSL 3 or 4 laboratories. Because operator has to work with different organisms, which includes inherent challenges , facility planners must adopt a careful approach to design and construction.

Special attention should be paid to key details including location; environmental metrics; internal and external access controls; floors, walls, and ceiling design; heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and humidity controls; intake and exhaust filtration systems; specialized infrastructure support requirements; and emergency support components.

In most cases, normal design and construction methodologies fail to meet the stringent requirements needed to certify BSL 3 or 4 facilities. Certification includes a comprehensive evaluation of room integrity, clearly demonstrating its ability to hold pressure within the stated standard. Certification also validates that air handling systems can meet NSF/ANSI standards and that laboratory equipment services provide safe and effective support to the facility.

Certification and validation will be considered an ongoing process relevant to the overall success of the project. Each element should be tested for compliance in both a stand alone and integrated mode. CBS considers the impact each component will have on the system as a whole.

Finally, prior to commissioning, facility executives must show that the building meets all design specifications and physical requirements for conducting Level 3 or 4 work. This is normally accomplished through a post-construction inspection and review of all drawings.